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Leading in a
changing world.

Strategy 2022-2024
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Our Mission

Accelerate the development of world-class Irish companies to achieve leading positions in global markets.
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Terence O' Rourke
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Leo Clancy

Message from our Chairman and CEO

Enterprise Ireland’s strategy 2022-2024, Leading in a Changing World, is set in a time of significant change for enterprise. Business is being transformed by drivers such as climate change, the accelerated adoption of technology, and changing trends in globalisation in a way that presents both challenge and opportunity.

To succeed in these changing times, greater numbers of Irish enterprises must be ambitious and pursue high growth strategies. They must invest to strengthen capability and competitiveness, respond quickly to changing consumer preferences, innovate ahead of competitors, be flexible and open to changing business models.

Resilient, internationally focused, and productive Irish enterprises are critical to the future growth of the Irish economy, supporting livelihoods and contributing to prosperity throughout Ireland. Enterprise Ireland, as the agency with responsibility to develop Irish industry and enterprise, assists those businesses in achieving their ambitions.

Enterprise Ireland’s strategy 2022-2024, Leading in a Changing World, sets out the key initiatives we will undertake to deliver on the ambitions for Irish enterprise.

Our Vision

Irish enterprises creating solutions for global challenges, delivering sustainable prosperity throughout Ireland.
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Key Performance Indicators